1851: Pimm starts large-scale production of his No 1 Cup

The same year croquet started as a game and ever since then Pimm's and croquet have been a feature of the English summer.   

If Pimm's isn't your thing, there's always champagne...
In fact, croquet goes well with everything: a buffet lunch or barbecue, afternoon tea, strawberries and cream, and of course pre-dinner drinks.

...and if you'd like to theme things up, croquet is the game
Croquet is perfect for English and period themed events such as village fete, country house, garden party, Alice in Wonderland etc.

Or if you want to stay with the Pimm's
How about hiring in the Pimm's tricycle? Or knock yourself out and add in ice cream, candy floss and snow cones too.